2021: Contract for updating STATS with the Program Product company

At the end of March 2021, it became known about the plans of the Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT) to update the STATS information system, which is designed to analyze the behavior of visitors to online portals and services of the Moscow government . The system will start collecting data on what users did on third-party resources.

The contract was concluded with the Software Product company . It will have to develop modules for downloading geodata, downloading anonymized data on payments for services and fines, data on WiFi sessions in public transport , information on violations of medical restrictions, data on travel documents, Vedomosti writes with reference to public procurement materials.

Moscow authorities will analyze the behavior of Internet users

It also says that the system will be able to analyze indicators of loyalty and participation in events. The tools will help you "quickly identify emerging trends" and "form target indicators of user activity." The system will be loaded with data "from information systems of the Moscow government and other sources."

Sources of the publication from among the former employees of DIT note that in order for the STATS system to have access to such analytics, one line of code must be added to the site's program code. In addition, the user's phone number can serve as a similar identifier. Finally, all information can be disclosed at the request of law enforcement agencies.

Expert of Roskomsvoboda Vladimir Ozherelyev confirms that such a wide set of data makes it easy to identify a user.

The realization of the possibility of identifying a unique Internet visitor indirectly confirms that all data in the aggregate will either not initially be impersonal, or will have the prerequisites to become such, - he said in a conversation with Vedomosti.

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