Advantages of having an IT franchise

As an IT market player  , you know how much this segment is growing and developing more and more!

Standards, new laws (LGPD for example), innovation and much of this is in line with new technologies and the qualified and attentive IT professional is at the forefront of these demands. 

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The way  companies  operate today has changed a lot, with the help of  technology and IT service, it has been possible to grow more consistently in the market, through the  expansion of procedures and tools , thus allowing  greater productivity , and also generating greater business value through  process automation , among other resources.

It is important to highlight the following:

Even with the crisis, the  franchise segment has stood out with great force, because, according to ABF - Brazilian Franchising Association, in the last years, at the height of Brazil's economic difficulties, the segment managed to grow 8.3% , there was also a growth of 7.6%, which caused the sector to reach R $ 33.7 billion only between the months of February and March of the same year in 2019.

During the Pandemic, it is clear that the sector suffered a little, but it is still a reliable route for those who want to start their own business. 

And the proportions of  expansion, growth and profitability  did not stop there, this is because by means of a franchise, the entrepreneur has greater security and chances of establishing himself profitably in the market.

The IT service technician is responsible for the installation of all hardware and makes sure that network connectivity is maintained all time. In most of the companies, staffs are allotted devices such as laptops, tablets or cell phones.


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