Android bug prevents sending and receiving SMS

According to reports collected by the Android Central website , there are several complaints about the delay in sending and receiving SMS or the inability to perform the procedure.

According to testimonials in support forums and even in the Play Store , the problem would be in Carrier Services , the official Google application that is part of Android by default and allows the use of operator services. Apparently, it received an update in late November 2020 with some incompatibility with several models. The result was not just the problem involving SMS, but excessive battery consumption.

How to solve?
As Carrier Services is responsible for several background tasks involving communication, it is not recommended that it be uninstalled, but redoing an earlier version can help.

In addition, Google updated the app on Thursday (10) with "Bug fixes and stability improvements", which may have resolved the flaws. Officially, the company has not yet commented on the case.

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