Career Tip: Be patient with impatience

When we are impatient, the world seems to act against it. We take all closed traffic lights, the car in front of us is always the slowest. If any pedestrian decides to take a risk on a dangerous street crossing, it is clear that he will choose our car for the daily adventure on the avenue. But what about when we bring impatience into our professional lives? What happens? How do we deal with it? What does it cause us? Can it be beneficial?

Unidentified dissatisfaction is one of the factors that brings impatience to the fore. We know that the job is not good, we know that the demands and demands are making us increasingly irritable, but we have not managed to get out of a vicious cycle of dissatisfaction and impatience day after day. And we just want the days to end soon.

What does this cause us?
In addition to stress, shorter nerves, stomach and headaches ... I call attention to the worst of the symptoms: the

We entered a looping of complaints, impatience and irritation that we couldn't get out of, as if the roller coaster car broke down at the very worst laps. This wastes our time and wastes our energy in the wrong focus. We are impatient to be irritated. We complain about being impatient. In other words, we ended up focusing on the consequences and not the causes.

Everything that generates excessive impatience needs to be thought out and reviewed. Professional impatience does not necessarily mean moving to a new company. It may mean the need for a new posture in the same position, in the same activities. The key to discovery is patience.

We need to be patient with impatience. It may take time to identify the reasons, but when we do, we need to stop, think, analyze what is causing us, where it comes from and, with a lot of patience, make the necessary decisions to change the situation. When we get to this point, impatience will be totally beneficial!

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