CenturyLink SD-WAN

CenturyLink offers a fully managed or co-managed SD-WAN service. What that means is that the service includes technicians to set up the WAN and monitor the dashboard of the system while the WAN is in operation. That managed service means that the subscriber not only doesn’t need to install software or run suitable hardware but doesn’t even need onsite technicians.

The managed SD-WAN service is certainly a good option for small businesses. Larger businesses can also benefit if their IT strategy is working towards doing away with an internal network altogether and relying on cloud services. In this plan, the SD-WAN system will end up substituting for the internal network as well as the connections between sites.

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Whether you take the managed service option or not, the CenturyLink SD-WAN system will create priorities for speed-sensitive applications and will monitor all connections to look out for failure, which the CenturyLink service can workaround. CenturyLink is also able to offer add-on security measures to the SD-WAN service.

If you want to manage the SD-WAN system yourself and pass on the managed service option, the CenturyLink has a useful dashboard, which is accessed through any browser. The dashboard shows live traffic flows and also has analytical tools that work on historical data to let you plan your future capacity needs.


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