Cisco brings security capabilities to SD-WAN

As part of its security strategy, Cisco announced on Monday (12), during the Cisco Partner Summit , in Las Vegas (USA), that it is unifying its security and SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area technologies) Network) to help companies accelerate their migration to the cloud,

During a press conference, Cisco executives highlighted the radical transformation that wide area networks (WAN) are undergoing, given that corporations allocate their applications in different clouds - public, private and SaaS (Software as a Service). At the same time, companies are dealing with making the work environment more flexible. If, today, employees can work anywhere and not just in the offices, security measures also need to be thought out to accompany them. The Internet has become the point of intersection where companies need to connect both their employees and business-critical applications, resulting in new edge computing in the cloud, or Cloud Edge.

"This disruption has been happening due to the rise of the cloud. This connectivity is critical to business, creates challenges and demands more efficiency from the WAN. User behavior is also more unpredictable," says Scott Harrell, senior vice president and general manager of Enterprise Cisco Networking. "Instead of having connectivity in the data center, it is now distributed, it is a massive change. All connectivity now needs to be defined by software," he adds.

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The integration of security skills into the SD-WAN also reinforces the changes in strategies that Cisco has been driving for the past two years, a competitive effort to star in its customers' digital transformation projects. After all, it is a market that tends to be generous for all the actors involved. If the long distance networks themselves are experiencing major disruptions, this also generates a horizon of opportunities for the most attentive.


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