Functions of a cloud architect

The transformation of Enterprise Architecture based on cloud computing cannot be underestimated. Currently, cloud architects are the experts who lead the redefinition of the corporate structure through the selection of appropriate cloud computing solutions and components .

In addition, these specialists usually act in the adoption of new management practices related to technology. As a result, the company can reach higher levels in people management requirements, expectations, changes and an understanding of organizational culture.

Over time, it will be impossible to talk about IT architecture without cloud solutions, native or hybrid, being considered. However, today cloud architects are clearly differentiated professionals.

Some of your most common responsibilities are:

  • Develop the architecture of native and hybrid cloud computing solutions
  • Plan and coordinate migration and transformation projects
  • Coordinate the implementation of cloud architecture projects
  • Manage the operational maintenance of the architecture
  • Establish recommendations and good practices to define a governance model, based on the characteristics of the Cloud environment

Environments for technology solutions in general can change dramatically from one hour to the next. However, no significant changes can be expected anytime soon in cloud computing.

For this reason, specialists in the most dominant and promising technologies tend to be favored in their aspirations for the positions in greatest demand. Therefore, the cloud architect should be familiar with the most popular cloud platforms , including:

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Salesforce

Another requirement is proficiency in programming cloud solutions using the relevant programming languages. Languages Python , Ruby or Pearl , for example, have gained great popularity in recent years.

Creating a subnet allows you to limit the number of routers that network traffic has to pass through. An engineer will effectively create smaller mini-routes within a larger network to allow traffic to travel the shortest distance possible.


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