Images, videos and audios will be more important than writing

In the last year, and as we explore the depths of confinement, we speak more and more through audio, video and images. The amount of text we consume on our screens is falling as we use different media to communicate. On a typical Twitter day, 80% of messages contain some type of image or video, or are just images or videos.

Companies that want to remain relevant to their customers will need to be aware of these changes in habit, rather than relying on the keyboard, mouse or other mechanical ways of asking customers to interact with their products and services. When building relationships and interacting with a brand, customers want to do what is most natural, which is why companies need to adopt more natural interfaces.

This transition to more natural forms of communication will also be more democratic with regard to access to services and information. For those who have never learned to read or write, the voice may be the only means of accessing information. In general, people with special needs who can't use a touchpad or keyboard can chat with a screen or smart speaker to request pictures from last summer, order food at a local restaurant or call their children.

A network engineer is a technology professional who is highly skilled in maintaining the connectivity of networks in terms of data, voice, calls, videos and wireless network services.

Not to mention all those videos, audios and images - on Twitter and elsewhere - that will also generate new insights and inspire new products and services, as happened with music streaming platforms.

Beginning in 2021, the use of audios, videos and images will continue to replace text on everything from social platforms to business operations, and cloud technologies will play an important role in meeting this demand.


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