IT professions: meet the promising ones for 2020

Organizations and companies are absorbing more data every day. As a result of the increase in cloud computing, IoT and the collection and storage of all data generated by these technologies and connected devices, more people are needed than ever before to work in the information technology sector.

That is why it is very important to have qualified data science experts. These professionals spend their working hours compiling, cleaning and presenting information for organizations to make informed decisions.

Software engineer
Software engineering is one of the most versatile technology jobs on that list. Think about it: you probably use the work of software engineers almost every day.

The applications on their phones were developed by these professionals, as well as their Internet browser, for example. In fact, almost all sectors of the world use some type of software. This means that the demand for professionals in this area will not decrease anytime soon.

Know more about the IT security specialist.

New technologies, development methods and customer preferences can be important indicators of where you should focus your development skills in that area. Keeping up to date with new technological trends is a great way to make your software development skills future proof, ensuring that your skills do not age.


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