Key cybersecurity guidelines

To combat cyber attacks, the cybersecurity analyst must take some steps. They can be described in a security policy adopted by the company, in order to be shared with employees.

Thus, everyone can understand their responsibilities and duties in the use of technologies, in order to minimize the damage.

Some of the main guidelines adopted, however, are:

This is obvious and known to everyone. Devices must have antivirus applications to detect as soon as malware attempts to invade the system.

However, the antivirus has no power to act alone all the time. It is essential that there is good asset management in the company, so that those responsible for IT and cybersecurity can keep equipment and programs up to date.

This precaution greatly minimizes vulnerabilities and therefore reduces the possibilities for attack.

Encryption is a kind of encryption of systems and files, which makes it difficult for unauthorized persons or programs to access it.

It is a way to protect the storage and transaction of data between users of the company. The digital signature , for example, uses encryption to guarantee its integrity.

IoT Protection
With the growth of smart devices, the company needs to provide, in its security policy, methods of ensuring their control.

For companies that use IoT on a daily basis, the cybersecurity analyst should be aware of testing and other methods of preventing attacks.

VPN is a form of external connection to the network and works as a “tunnel” , guaranteeing security to the user when accessing confidential information and documents.

The company must have a strict process for backups of its files and documents , in order to guarantee the availability of the data even in case of any threat.

A DHCP server allots a dynamic IP number. The DHCP server has a group of IP addresses which can serve the purpose. 

An alternative for backups is to have specific servers to store the exact and faithful copies of all folders and applications, of all computers.

External hard drives can also be used for this function, although there is a greater limitation. And, for some years now, cloud storage has become better known and recognized for its security, being a good choice.


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