Layer your security partners

Liste says insourcing IT has allowed his team to disaggregate the support model and spread provision across a series of suppliers, which helps to reduce the level of potential risk.

"Don't put all your eggs into one basket," he says. "There's often a debate around cost-appropriate security solutions, but I don't think you can sacrifice costs when it comes to security. It's not a financial decision – it's more around identifying what's absolutely fundamentally critical in terms of the data you need to protect."

Liste says the PPF uses cloud-based, perimeter gateway services and also more traditional enterprise firewalls. He advises other CIOs to try and spread risk at the hardware level and use different providers for different areas of IT infrastructure, such as servers and desktop PCs. He says the PPF's main security partner is a "top-five global specialist".

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"A good security partner has intelligence – they can interrogate what's happening on your network, and what traffic's going in and out, but they also know what's going on outside your corporate environment in a place like the dark web," he says.


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