Machine does not recognize keyboard and / or mouse

Another one of the hardware problems that take away make any user sleepless. Whether on a notebook or PC, it may happen that the machine simply does not recognize the keystrokes.

This behavior can also happen with mice and touchpads. The process of changing or acquiring a new peripheral like this, without being foreseen, will affect the user's productivity.

To avoid this situation, again, we are going to hit the same key. Update the drives that control this hardware.

You can find the updates directly on the manufacturers website, in case the installed system does not do it automatically.

The goal of subnetting is to create a fast, efficient, and resilient computer network. As networks become larger and more complex, the traffic traveling through them needs more efficient routes.

You can configure this automatic update through the computer's control panel . At the slightest sign of instability in your peripherals, run some tests.

Disconnect them from the computer for a few minutes and update your driver. If the problem persists, evaluate whether it is better to send them for maintenance or choose to replace them.


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