Pioneer Advantage

There is no escaping the fact that Amazon's leap in competition has put them on the rise since day one, giving them a six-year advantage over their closest competitor, Microsoft Azure.

These years have not only helped to position AWS as the dominant cloud computing service provider in people's minds, but have also provided the company with years of feedback to better analyze and serve its customer base of software developers, engineers and architects.

"They invented market space, there was no such thing as a public cloud concept before," said Dave Bartoletti, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester .

“We have been renting computer services for 30 or 40 years. In fact, what AWS did was establish in a corporate environment for a developer or IT person to go to an external service and start a server with a credit card and do computing elsewhere. ”

As Bartoletti notes, AWS was not only the first on the market, but also had the deep pockets of its parent company, which allowed it to get anyone out of the water. “They spent more than their rivals,” he said bluntly.

That said, not all pioneers lead their market as definitively as AWS - ask the founders of Netscape .

“Pioneers don't always have an advantage,” said Deepak Mohan, Research Director for cloud infrastructure services at IDC , noting that AWS was especially strict in creating and launching products on the market. "Being a high-quality company, delivering a high-quality product and meeting customer needs play equally important roles."

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