Public clouds will become even more dominant

Last year, public clouds drove the pandemic to grow faster. According to IDC, corporate cloud spending, both public and private, increased 34.4% over the previous year, while IT spending outside the cloud decreased 8%.

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In 2021, the main public cloud platforms - especially Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform - will consolidate their dominance in the cloud market and expand their influence in many sectors of the global economy.

AWS will maintain its leading market share, although Microsoft, Google and Alibaba continue to close the gap. Revenue growth will remain explosive until the middle of the decade, according to Deloitte's projections, never dropping below 30% per year.

Global cloud spending will grow seven times faster than overall IT spending during this period. IDC predicts that worldwide spending on public cloud services and infrastructure will almost double, to about $ 500 billion, by 2023.

Usually, companies hire IT Specialists to solve technical problems, such as computer systems, software, hardware, networks, cloud platforms, etc. Many information technology specialists often work from the central office, or in some cases, these professionals work remotely.


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