Short and efficient guide on networking

Our life is based on relationships. Since we are children, we have to relate, first with people in our family, then with schoolmates, work and so on.

We meet new people, we lose contact with others, but there are always those with whom we have more frequent contact.

Cultivating good relationships has always been necessary, but after social media, this has gained a more strategic value, making it possible to create more career, business and even leisure activities. In short: networking can make your life better in every way.

Nowadays, you can no longer live without knowing what networking is and what it is for. So we have prepared this short - but efficient - guide on networking. Continue reading to know everything!


Find out what it is and how to network
Network is your network of relationships and networking is the relationship with your network itself. It is made up of your friends, relatives, school and work colleagues, customers, partners etc.

After all, how to do networking? Contact through social networks, such as Linkedin or Facebook , is a good way to start.

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But you can also expand and maintain your contacts by participating in events in your area, in business meetings and informal meetings for lunch or coffee, for example. In fact, it is recommended to take social media contacts to real life, as it is a good way to strengthen the relationship with a client or business partner.


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