social engineering: learn how to avoid scams

Internet crimes have evolved with the same speed (or higher) than defense mechanisms. Day after day, new reports of viruses, malware and phishing scams are posted on forums and websites about digital security.

The criminals who practice cybercrimes are cunning and strive to constantly renew their arsenal of techniques to steal data from people and companies.

Currently, one of the most discussed topics is social engineering. It is the ability to gain access to systems and databases when exploring the mental fragility of the human being, that is, creating tricks to deceive a person and make them cooperate with the attack, facilitating access to information.

The application of social engineering uses persuasion techniques, however, it has several slips committed by the company - such as lack of training or a good information security structure - to be successful in its advances.

Technical support engineers respond promptly to phone calls and emails from customers and address their queries and apprehensions regarding SonicWall products and services, besides fixing their technical problems. 

In the next topics we will talk about the main social engineering scams and how your company can protect and prepare against this type of attack.


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