Success for Service Desk Managers

Ever feel a little bit like Clark Kent or Linda Lang? A little unnoticed, when you really want to be that service desk superhero?

As a service desk manager, leading and managing your team is never without its challenges. The toll it can take on you, and your team can be of ever-increasing stress. The key is to harness your power as a service desk manager, to understand the best way you can utilize your position to influence your team positively. This way you’ll be able to fully unleash the full potential of your team’s capabilities - for greater success.

Before we even start talking about the team as a whole, let’s take a look at each of your team members individually. Your team’s motivation is directly correlated with your management style.

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Did you know that employees who rate their manager’s performance poorly are four times more likely to be searching for a new job? In addition, 40% of employees who give their manager’s a poor performance score, have gone on an interview for a new job in the last three months, compared to 10% for those who gave their manager’s a high score. It’s the manager’s job to help each of their team members optimize their individual potential, strengths, and weaknesses. This way, they can set attainable goals and effectively communicate with their team members.

Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their hard work. Managers need to help their team members have the confidence in themselves to put the cape on, and not just to talk the talk, but walk the walk.


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