The advantages of 5G technology

The evolution of our networks follows the needs of each generation. While 2G was developed for voice, 3G was designed for data and 4G for a greater flow of information, such as streaming and file transfer.

In the case of 5G technology, the challenge was to increase the connection capacity for simultaneous devices , since each day we have more devices with internet access.

This increase solves problems that occur in large agglomerations, such as concerts and New Year's Eve. Everyone will be able to connect without major inconvenience, which is not the case today.

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It also promises to be 50 to 100 times faster than its predecessor, in addition to consuming 90% less energy , which will increase the useful life and decrease the size of the batteries, bringing benefits to the environment.



The latency, response time between a command and an action, will be drastically reduced, from 30ms to 5ms. This aspect will be extremely advantageous for autonomous cars and robots in general.

The internet of things is the term that defines the connection between physical objects, both between them and between human users. It sounds like science fiction, but with 5G technology it will finally be possible.

The technology will enable integrated public and private lighting systems, monitoring and security devices, developments in the area of ​​sensors, cashiers in stores and supermarkets.

For health, modernization and agility will be used to detect diseases, perform transplants and treatments more intelligently.

In your home, you can even set up refrigerators to notify you when a certain item is running low, regulate the room temperature and define which lights should be on or off.


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