Tips to keep your business well protected

The cyber security is a topic that brings more insecurity for people and businesses today. This is because the internet is a relatively recent phenomenon, but it has grown very fast and has occupied an important space in life in society.

We soon became dependent on it and other technologies, opening a gap for vulnerabilities that demand constant care. Consequently, investment in cybersecurity is inevitable.

In the same way that products and services emerge to meet our new needs, there has been even more debate about how safe we ​​are, how much our data and our privacy are truly protected.

For companies with a large amount of stored data due to its importance for internal development , the threat is even greater.

Devices increasingly connected to each other present a risk due to the high number of transactions and the ease of using them to carry out thefts and fraud.

It is a very favorable scenario for cyber attacks of various types, causing digital criminals to be attracted to it and profit from malicious actions .

In this article we will explain the concept of cybersecurity, showing how you can, through some measures, protect your company from this threat from the modern world.

What is cybersecurity?
The idea of ​​cybersecurity came from a computer security expert, a German named Bernd Fix. He was the one who documented the first case of removing a computer virus .

Currently, the term cybersecurity is used to refer to procedures, actions and technologies that aim to ensure digital security . That is, measures against criminal practices and damage to computers, networks, programs and data. 

The technological measures of cybersecurity are broad and involve a whole set of networks, systems, routers, antivirus , encryption, among other elements.


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