Tips to protect your business

Be proactive and prevent attacks
There are steps you can take to prevent attacks on your network. We call it security layers.

1. Firewall

The purpose of the firewall is to protect your network from external attacks. It is at the edge, at the edge of the network, preventing all unauthorized IPs from entering.

2. IDS / IPS

These two complement the work of the firewall. The IDS identifies any and all types of strange, unusual activity on the network. For example: an excessive download of files, after doing this it sends this alert information to IPS that will take the blocking actions of the Ips that are doing this type of excessive download.      

3. Webfilter

Not all attacks are external, in fact there are many attacks that come from within your network. The role of the webfilter is to protect those who are within your network: computers, users who have free access to move within your network. Because they can bring vulnerabilities to attacks.  

The webfilter manages what can or cannot be accessed by your machines or users who are part of your network. With this tool, you can apply the security policy for employees, such as the sites that may or may not be accessed.      

4. VPN and Voucher

In addition to users who are connected to their network in physical space, many companies have remote access, the director who accesses company data through his notebook at home, accessing data and making transactions in the company.

For this access to be secure, it is necessary to create the VPN , which is basically a secure tunnel between the user from outside authorized to access what is inside the network.  

It is important to use this tool to monitor network visitors, people who will participate in a meeting or some conference and for users who access the wifi network, if the company has the same permission for access.

The Microsoft Office Specialist is considered an integral part of many businesses as they skillfully use an office suite to perform essential daily duties like written correspondence through MS-word, email programs, analyzing data sets.

5. Antivirus

Some attacks are types of software that install themselves on users' network machines to collect data. Antivirus is much more powerful software than these attacks, which prevents them from happening. The function of the antivirus is to protect your machine, the specific user.    


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