Tivit acquires security startup Privally, through the ventures arm

The Tivit announced this week the acquisition of Privally , a startup specializing in security and privacy management solutions focused on LGPD.  

The acquisition is the first made by Tivit Ventures, the investment arm of the company that has R $ 400 million in cash to invest (or acquire) in the coming years technology companies that accelerate the development of the Brazilian multinational. 

According to the announcement of the acquisition, the startup caught the fund's attention because of its software as a service platform, which helps to automate, monitor and manage processes in compliance with data privacy laws, such as the Brazilian LPGD, or the European GDPR. 

“Privally is a fast-growing startup that brought an innovative methodology to the market for an essential theme, suitability for LGPD”, explains Eduardo Sodero, CSO at Tivit and responsible for strategy and acquisitions. 

In fact, information technology specialists can work in various areas of information technology. They work in the help desk to redress the problems that end users face.


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