Useful tips for MS Office

Most of the office tasks are solved on a computer in the MS Office environment, primarily in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. To work with these applications, minimal knowledge is enough. Nevertheless, in many situations, additional tricks can save a lot of time and effort. On some ways to improve the efficiency of work in the above programs, we will stop in this article.

MS Word

Quick text selection

A word in MS Word is highlighted by a double click, a paragraph can also be quickly selected by a double click, if the mouse pointer is placed on the left margin of the document, opposite this paragraph. And if you click the mouse three times on the left margin of the document, the entire text is highlighted.

Move the cursor to the position where the job was interrupted

When you start Word and load a document that you worked with, for example, the day before, the cursor is always at the top of it. When editing large documents, this is inconvenient. If you want the cursor to move to the position where you finished working in the previous session, press the key combination Shift + F5 - the cursor will move to the desired position. This method is also applicable if you simply scrolled the document and then wanted to return to the place of work.

Microsoft Office Specialist Definition.

Cancel formatting

Typically, you can use the buttons on the Formatting toolbar to change the formatting options or select the style you want. If you need to cancel formatting for the selected section of text, that is, set the style to "normal", you can simply press the key combination Ctrl + Space - the effect will be the same.

Switch between open documents

If you often work with several documents opened in Word at the same time and have to constantly turn to one or the other document, remember the key combination Ctrl + F6, which allows you to quickly switch between open Word documents.

Change the folder for storing documents

When loading previously created files in Word or saving them, the My Documents folder opens by default, which is inconvenient if you store your documents in some other folder. To change the folder that opens by default, use the command Tools> Options> Location, select the Documents option as the file type, click the Change button and select another folder.


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