User revolt with smart device privacy

Intelligent systems like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, among others, add value and convenience by automating lights, room temperature, door locks and more.

While all of these technologies certainly have very useful and beneficial resources, society is beginning to realize that giving companies so much knowledge is not healthy.

Users are beginning to learn that the data mapping algorithms that technology companies use to categorize and to quantify and analyze their actions can have unintended consequences. That is why users will make suppliers take the privacy of home and consumer Internet of Things (IoT) devices more seriously in 2021.

Spear phishing is an attack technique that involves highly targeted and convincing malicious emails that include specific and accurate details about a particular individual or company.

Historically, spear phishing is a high investment and potentially high return activity for hackers, which requires manual and time-consuming processes. That will change in 2021.

Cybercriminals have already started to create tools that can automate the manual aspects of the attack. By combining these tools with programs that scan data from social networks and corporate websites, phishers can send thousands of detailed and reliable spear phishing emails with personalized content for each victim.

The Computer Systems Analyst will collaborate with personnel and management staff to clarify, prioritize and design alternatives. The analysts will coordinate and link the computer systems within the organization to share the information and increase compatibility.


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