What About The IT Administrator Job Description

As an administrator, you’ll be responsible for ensuring your company runs efficiently. As well as coordinating and implementing office procedures, you’ll be responsible for specific projects and may even be in charge of a team.

Although the role varies according to the sector, levels of responsibility and the size of the firm, all administrator jobs involve the ability to multi-task. If you are an extremely organised individual and want to take this skill into the workplace, read on to see if a career as an administrator is right for you.

What are an IT Administrator’s main duties?
First, we must reiterate the point that your precise duties will depend on where you work and who you work for. However, you can expect to take responsibility for the following:

  • Handling the mail and ensuring the office stationary storage unit is well stocked.
  • Organising and storing paperwork and computer-based information.
  • Booking conference and meeting room facilities.
  • Scheduling and attending meetings while also taking minutes.
  • Organising staff’s travel and accommodation requirements.
  • Updating and maintaining websites using a Content Management System.
  • Arranging training for staff members.


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