What benefits does IaaS offer to companies?

By definition, IaaS is one of three fundamental service models for cloud computing . It is next to platforms ( Platform as a Service - PaaS ) and software (Software as a Service - SaaS). It is an approach that provides access to IT infrastructure resources in a virtualized environment, “the cloud”, with a public connection, usually the internet.

Cloud infrastructure services are models where IT departments focus on more strategic management and can focus on provisioning, together with the cloud partner, the specifics they need for their company, at the level of infrastructure resources. Activities of low added value to the business, such as infrastructure maintenance, the famous “tightening screw”, are carried out by the partners. A dynamic where IT professionals gain more visibility and strategic and business experience.

Another important point is the speed of implementation of everything that is necessary at the level of infrastructure to meet the dynamics and seasonality of the businesses and give a quick flow to the initiatives and innovations of the companies.

To exemplify, imagine the time to open a call to adapt the infrastructure to the company's plans and verify that this happens in minutes versus the model of analysis, purchase, installation and configuration of a new infrastructure.

Information Technology Technicians assist employees of organizations by helping them install and configure system software and hardware. They offer system and operations support to the personnel on a daily basis.

Until then, your competitor has already launched the product that your company would launch or, in a worse scenario, a B2B company could lose a customer that requires a setup with a short time to start its operations as a partner.


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