What does the Computer Engineering professional do?

Technology is part of everyone's routine. Do you imagine your life without computers? This digital revolution has put the Computer Engineering market at a good level, in which professionals have vacancies, a satisfactory salary and several possibilities of performance.

But what does the professional who takes the Computer Engineering course do ? Which technology sectors does he work with? In this post, we will show you what the areas of expertise of this engineer are and tell you more about the job market. Good reading!

1 Computer Engineering: what does this professional do?
2 How is the Computer Engineering market?
3 Where to study Computer Engineering?
Computer Engineering: what does this professional do?
There are several areas of Computer Engineering in which it is possible to act after graduating here with us at Unopar. Find out more about each one!

Hardware manufacturing
The Computer Engineering course has in its curriculum disciplines focused on electronics and hardware manufacturing. This is the most traditional performance of the profession. In this market, the engineer will design and build equipment , whether computational or peripheral, such as keyboards, mice, etc.

This market is updating at an accelerated pace, so there are always job opportunities. On the other hand, to remain active, the professional needs to be up to date and know how to connect the built components to the data processing units.

Industrial Automation and Robotics
The role of the computer engineer in the industry is linked to the functioning of machines and the automation of these processes. This activity is essential to maintain the factory's productivity rhythm, which is why the figure of the professional is highly valued. It is he who designs the equipment for the system and interacts with the software .

The same happens with robotics - the engineer designs the parts and links these equipment with the software so that the robots work as expected, whether in industry or in other sectors.

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Software development
Software development is not always the focus at the Faculty of Computer Engineering , but, as this technology area is on the rise, many professionals end up following this path. The computer engineer, in fact, has a great advantage over other professionals in the field, since he leaves college with a good knowledge of electronics , which is not common in other courses.


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