Who is, after all, the strategic CIO?

In the definition of Cezar Taurion, CEO of Litteris Consulting and one of the most respected IT writers in Brazil, the strategic CIO is one “who is at the same decision level as the other C-level and who does not treat them as their customers, but as partners in search of a common goal ”.

Decision-making power with the board
In other words, we are talking about a strategic CIO who has full access to the board of the company in which he operates, obtaining support for his actions and having decision-making power.

A strategic CIO must free up all resources and all the time possible to focus IT efforts on the processes, projects and technologies that will make a difference for the company in the future.

Analytical and strategic performance
The strategic CIO must have a vision and knowledge that go beyond technical and operational performance. Its range of operations includes the strategic objectives of the business and is in line with the dynamics of the market, to anticipate technological trends that will have an impact in the medium and long term in the corporate environment.

It is a professional who understood that currently technology should also be analyzed from a strategic perspective, as a variable in the macro environment that has the power to create or destroy entire markets. Therefore, it must focus on tools, equipment, services and resources that are aligned with the company's business strategy and also on opportunities and threats that the technological environment can provide.

Decentralized management
For this, it is very common that he decentralize his management. Thus, the outsourcing of many of the IT maintenance operational activities that have a low added value and that are not directly part of the company's core business, for example, is a common decision for this professional.

This new technology manager has already understood that it is no longer possible to focus on solving operational problems and meeting immediate requests from users. He realized that this very operational performance makes it difficult to free up enough time to deal with strategic issues.

IT Analyst has to review existing IT systems and internal processes. They have to work in collaboration with the management to understand IT objectives.

Focus on information security
The strategic CIO must also have a constant concern for information security, which today is a critical problem in most companies, regardless of size and segment. The lack of security can lead the company to bankruptcy, even in a very short time and only with a well-targeted attack.


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